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If you have bought 123 HP Laserjet M436nda printer then you might need a complete setup guide. Here you get everything you want to set up your HP printer. You get the initial printer setup, driver installation, connection setup for the HP Laserjet M436dna printer.

  • 123 HP Laserjet M436nda Initial Printer
  • 123 HP Laserjet M436nda Driver Installation
  • 123 HP Laserjet M436nda Connect Using USB
  • 123 HP Laserjet M436nda Troubleshooting

123 HP Laserjet M436nda Initial Printer Setup

You can’t access a newly-bought printer without proper setup. There are some preliminary steps to set the printer up for the first use. Go through the guidelines below to discover the initial setup.

  • Cut the printer shipment box, carefully. Then bring out the HP Laserjet M436nda printer from the box. Place the HP printer on a flat and sturdy surface.
  • Remove all the tapes and stickers from the body of the 123.hp.com/Laserjet M436nda printer.
  • You may recycle all the unnecessary shipping materials. Next, you need to load papers to the printer.
  • Lower the paper tray to insert the papers. You may place up to 250 papers on the paper tray.
  • Slide the papers using the paper-slider. After you have successfully loaded the papers to the printer, now close the paper tray.
  • Get the power cord from the shipment box. Connect the cord from the printer to the nearby power supply. Turn on the power supply. Switch on the HP Laserjet M436nda printer.
  • Install the ink cartridges to the printer. Open up the ink cartridge space. Load the cartridge according to the ink slots in the printer.
  • When the cartridge installation is successful, now you need to download the printer driver for your 123 HP Laserjet M436nda printer.

123 HP Laserjet M436nda Driver Installation

After you have completed the initial setup for your HP Laserjet printer, now opt for the driver installation on your computer. Follow the guidelines to get the drivers downloaded and installed.

123 HP Laserjet M436nda Driver Download for Windows

An appropriate printer driver can enhance printer performance. If you are using a Windows computer then consider the instructions below.

  • Go to the official website of HP support. There you can notice appropriate drivers for Windows for the HP Laserjet M436nda printer.
  • Save the driver data on your Windows device and run the data to install the driver.

123 HP Laserjet M436nda Driver Download for Mac

Mac devices also need compatible drivers to accommodate the HP Laserjet M436nda printer. Stick to the guidelines below to download the printer driver.

  • Go to the official setup webpage of HP support. 
  • Mention the Mac version and click on the Save option of the driver.

Run the driver data to perform the driver installation with the help of instructions on the Mac device’s screen.

123 HP Laserjet M436nda Driver Installation

Perform the steps mentioned below to install the driver software. 

  • Visit the official webpage of HP support.
  • Mention the printer module there.
  • Download the appropriate driver from the webpage.
  • After it gets downloaded, run the driver software. Follow the on-screen instructions for a successful installation.

123 HP Laserjet M436nda Connect Using USB

HP Laserjet M436nda printer doesn’t support wireless connectivity. Hence, you need to connect the printer manually to the computer by using the USB cable. Follow the guidelines to accomplish the connection.

  • Switch on the HP printer and the computer.
  • Get a non-faulty USB cable.
  • Connect the USB cable to the rear end of the printer.
  • Connect the other end of the USB cable to one of the USB ports of the computer. Make sure that the USB port is working fine. Otherwise, the connection won’t work.
  • Now, find out if the computer has identified the HP Laserjet M436nda printer. If yes, then the connection is stable between your printer and the computer.

If not, then tighten the USB cable to the ports of the printer and the computer. 

123 HP Laserjet M436nda Troubleshooting

If you are a newbie with your 123 HP Laserjet M436nda printer device, then this section is an unskippable part. 

How to Scan on HP Laserjet M436nda:

You can save an original document as a scanned copy on your computer. It will be safer to keep important documents as scanned. Let’s see how easily you can scan via your HP Laserjet M436nda.

  • Make sure that you have connected the printer to the computer.
  • Next, go to the Windows icon of your computer.
  • Choose the All Programs menu.
  • There you can find a folder named HP or HP Printers.
  • You need to click on the name of your printer.
  • Now, opt for the HP M436nda Scan to PC Setup option. Then, click on Add Device.
  • Add your device. Then place the document on the scanner glass of the printer. You have to place the document upside down.
  • Tap on the Scan button to proceed.
  • You may have to choose your device. Provide the password, if necessary.
  • Customize the scanning properties as you want. Then tap on the OK button.

Here you go and the scanning begins. If the document is too large then flip the pages whenever required.

How to Change the Print Setup on HP Laserjet M436nda:

If you want to change the print setup on your HP Laserjet M436nda printer, then please track the guidelines below.

  • Tap on the Menu button on the Control Panel of the printer.
  • There you get another option named Print Setup. Enter the setup.
  • There are orientation, duplex, copies, resolution, etc properties. 
  • You may change the setup as per the necessity of the document that you are working with.

How to Copy on HP Laserjet M436nda Printer:

You can save a copied version of any document through your HP Laserjet M436nda printer. Follow the guidelines, carefully.

  • Navigate the following orderings: Copy> Menu> Copy Feature, on the Control Panel of the printer.
  • Now, position a single document with upside down on the document glass.
  • You can certainly alter the settings like Enlarge/Reduce, Original Type, Darkness, etc.
  • Provide how many copies you need. Use the arrow keys to adjust the number of copies you need.
  • Now, tap on the Start button and the copy will get started.

You can easily abort the copying just by pressing the Cancel button on the Control Panel of the printer.

How to Install Toner Cartridge on HP Laserjet M436nda:

Follow the simple steps to install a new toner cartridge inside your HP printer.

  • Bring out the cartridge from the shipment box.
  • Rotate the toner cartridge in order to distribute the toner all over the cartridge.
  • Now, pull out the orange tab.
  • Place the toner cartridge in the cartridge space. Push the cartridge until it snaps to the place.
  • Close the doors.

Now, switch on the printer and run a print test to check everything is working fine.