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HP Laserjet 1020 is a personal and monochrome printer that uses image enhancement technology. You will get all the details of the multiple solutions about 1020 printer unboxing and setup, installing drivers, setup wireless connection and so on. 

  • HP Laserjet 1020 Printer Unboxing and Setup
  • 1020 Printer Driver and User Manual Download 
  • 1020 Printer Driver Installation
  • 1020 Wireless Printer Setup
  • Print Photos in 1020 Printer
  • Scan Documents in 1020 Printer
  • Print on Both Sides in 1020 Printer
  • Check Ink or Toner levels of 1020 Printer

All the details of these above points are given in detail.

HP Laserjet 1020 Printer Unboxing and Setup

After buying your new HP Laserjet 1020 printer, you must unbox or unpack it to use it. The detail methods of unboxing your new printer device are given below. 

  • Place the box of your 1020 printer on a smooth surface and unwrap all the packing items from inside as well as outside the printer. 
  • Open the cartridge section access door, unwrap the ink cartridges and place them to their respective slots. Before that shake the ink cartridges well to spread the ink into the toner. 
  • Now, you need to shut the printer cartridge access door. Don’t forget to recycle all the plastic packaging materials of the printer as well as the ink cartridges as well. 
  • Now untie the power cord and connect your printer to the power source. Make sure that all the sections of your printer are working perfectly. 1020 Printer Driver and User Manual Download

All the methods of downloading the user manual and driver software are written here. 

Download User Manual 

The user manual comes directly from your printer service provider which acts as a reference for using the printer. The instructions in the manual will help you to learn about various types of troubleshooting errors. You can download this guide in a document format for your HP Laserjet 1020 printer. It also has information about the solutions to how to install your printer’s latest operating systems.

Download Drivers for Windows

You will get all the drivers packages for 1020 printer from this website. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is the file format of the drivers in the Windows operating system will be in .exe format. 

Download Drivers for Macintosh

All the driver software packages of your 1020 printer are easily available on this webpage. For any Macintosh operating system version, the driver files will be in .dmg format. 1020 Printer Driver Installation

The driver installation procedure of Windows and Macintosh operating system are here as follows. 

Driver Installation for Windows

In the Windows operating system, the installation procedure of drivers are:

  • As the executable file for the windows is in .exe format, the system will prompt you with a pop-up message like “Run”, “Save” or “Open”. You need to choose the “Save” option.
  • The download will now begin. Depending upon the quality and speed of your internet connection, you can estimate the download time by observing the download bar in the download section of your browser. 
  • After the download is complete, go to your default downloads folder in your operating system and you will get all the executable files. 
  • Double-click on each of the files and install the driver applications one by one and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the setup is complete, establish a connection from your printer to the computer. If you have any sort of queries, then you must contact our support team on the contact number. Moreover, you can get further solutions of how to install your HP Laserjet 1020 on the Windows 10 operating system.

Driver Installation for Macintosh

If you have a Macintosh operating system, then you need to follow all the steps which are given below.  

  • In the Macintosh operating system, your executable file will be in .dmg format. In a prompt message box, the system will ask you to choose “Run”, “Save” or “Open” option. Choose the “Save” option and proceed.
  • Your download process will start. The quality and speed of your internet connection will decide on how much time the files will be downloaded. You can check the status of your ongoing download process from the download bar of your web browser. 
  • After the download is complete, go to your operating system’s default download location and double click on each and every file to launch the installer. 
  • Now, stick to the instructions on your display to complete the task. In case if necessary, you might have to connect your printer device to your computer. 
  • If the machine instructs you to add a printer to the queue, then select your printer and choose the “Use” or “Print” menu.
  • Then, choose the name of your printer and select the “Add” option to add the printer. Now return to the installer and complete the driver installation process. 1020 Wireless Printer Setup

The wireless setup process for Windows and Macintosh operating systems are given below. 

Wireless Setup for Windows Operating System

The steps for connecting your HP Laserjet 1020 printer are here as follows.

  • You cannot connect your HP Laserjet 1020 printer to any wireless network. If you want your printer to work in a wireless connectivity environment, then you need to connect the network key and its password and turn on your WiFi router, printing device, and the Windows computer as well.
  •  Make sure that the computer is active in the same wireless network just as the printer and router to which you want to connect your printer. Check that any USB cable is attached to the printer. If it is, then unplug it. If you have installed any software for USB connectivity, then you must alter it to a wireless connection and remove the USB cable. 
  • Download and install the wireless printer driver software and when the machine prompts you, choose the “Connect through a Wireless Network” option. After that, when the printer asks you to connect the USB, plug the cable to the computer.
  • When the installation process is over, bring out a configuration page from the printer to ensure that the printer has the right network key in it. After printing the configuration page, detach the USB cable from the device. Your 1020 printer is now ready to print your documents wirelessly.

Wireless Setup for Macintosh Operating System 

The steps to configure your 1020 printer wirelessly in the Macintosh Operating system are written below. 

  • As we know that the HP Laserjet 1020 printer supports wireless network connectivity but before that, you need to gather a USB cable. Make sure that your Macintosh computer is on. Close all the applications running on your computer.
  • Turn on your 1020 printer device and make sure that the paper input tray is ready for printing. 
  • Complete the USB connectivity process and gather the network key and passphrase from the network list. 
  • Choose accurate security protocol from the network and apply the network passphrase to the desired place and select the “Apply” button.
  • Now you need to confirm the procedure and select “OK”. Now, close the HTML Config and Print Queue dialog box. Now remove the USB cable and the task is now complete.

Print Photos in 1020 Printer

For printing photos from your HP Laserjet printer, just follow the instructions given above.

  • Take any plain and smooth A4 size paper and place it in the paper input tray. Then right-click on the file that you wish to print and click on the “Print” option. You can also press the “Ctrl+P” command to perform a printing function. 
  • Now choose “Open with Windows Photos or Paint”. Then choose “Print” or “Choose File” from the menu and then select “Print”.
  • When the “Print or Print Pictures” dialog box appears with the general details of the printing task. Now open the printer document properties and configure the following layouts: quality, color, and advanced printer settings.
  • You can also change the size orientation of the page, which can be portrait or landscape. Then you have to go through and operate some common properties which are the paper source, photo paper type, size of the paper, add or remove the border and many more.
  • If necessary, you need to make some modifications and then select ok. Now choose the “Print” option to print your document. After printing, let the paper get dry and the original color will generate itself.

Scan Documents in 1020 Printer

To scan any documents from your you must follow all the instructions which are given below.

  • With the help of your HP Laserjet 1020 printer, you can scan any hard copies of your documents. To use your printer scanner correctly, ensure that the scanner glass is clean and free from any kind of dust and scratches. 
  • None other than that, make sure that you have already installed Hp Scan or Easy Scan application in your system. This application will help you access all the features of your printer’s scanner. 
  • Now keep the hard copy document on the scanner glass. Be sure that you have placed the printed side of your document downwards to the glass. After that, put down the scanner lid.
  • Open HP Assistance application, and choose “Scan a document” or “Photo to open HP Scan”.
  • Choose a shortcut and then try to match your requirements and modify the necessary settings present on the right side of your printer’s Control Panel and choose “Scan”. For further information, you may contact us at our contact number.

Print on Both Sides in 1020 Printer

Printing on both sides helps you to save paper and work with your printed document with ease. The steps to print on both sides of the paper are given below. 

  • Open the particular software with which you wish to print your documents. Then, choose the file that you want to print and click on the “Print” option. Select the Laserjet 1020 and choose “Printer Properties” or “Printer Preferences” or “Printer Setup” depending on the message displays on the computer. 
  • If the printer shortcuts are there, select the “Print on both sides” or “Two-Sided Duplex” option if it displays on the screen. 
  • In case the shortcut is unavailable select the particular layout, features and Finishing tab depending on your driver’s version. 
  • Again find the “Print on Both Sides” option and select page flip or binding flip. It might depend upon how you want to read your document. 
  • Elect the “OK” and select “Print”. You can also print your document on both sides manually. Just take out the one-side print from the printer output tray and tap on the stack of paper’s flat surface to adjust it. Now, load the stack in the main paper input tray with the print surface facing downwards towards and the bottom edge to the printing device. Tap on the “Continue” option and the other side of the same page will print the remaining task. 

Check Ink or Toner levels of 1020 Printer

Checking the ink cartridge and the toner levels helps you to become aware of empty ink cartridge bottles by which you can avoid ink nozzle problems and paper jam issues. To verify both the printer peripherals, just go through the steps below. 

  • If you have a Windows operating system, then turn on your printer and confirm that it is in the active state and is also connected to your system. Now try to search windows for your HP printer. 
  • From the results, open the HP Solution Center and try to observe the ink levels. You have to observe it from the home window of the software. 
  • If you use a Macintosh operating system then ensure that your printer is in the working condition and a stable connection is active between your printer and computer.
  • Go to the menu bar and choose the Apple icon and then click on the “System Preferences”. From there, go to the “Printer and Scanner”, “Print & Fax” or “Print & Scan”. 
  • After that, choose the Laserjet 1020 printer from the printer list and then select the “Options & Supplies”. Then, choose the “Supply levels” tab to view the level of your ink. For further information contact our number and get assistance from our skilled professional experts.