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hp envy printers

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HP Officejet Printers

HP Officejet Printers

As the name implies HP Officejet printers have built a strong argument when it comes to the matter of high volume prints….Read More

HP Officejet Printers


HP Officejet pro printers are designed for multipurpose use. It is also known for being an all-in-one printer, used in small office… Read More

HP Deskjet Printer

Hp Deskjet

Deskjet printers are the Inkjet printers manufactured by HP. From small domestic usage to large industrial models…Read More

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As the name suggests, HP Laserjet printers are the world’s first laser printers manufactured by HP. Read More

HP Laserjet Pro Printer


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123 HP Printer Setup Services

123 HP Printer Setup

Know the best and easy way to set up your Printer for the first time with our guide. Get expert assistance for easy setup method through 123.hp.com


HP Driver Download

123.hp.com ensures that you get the best HP All-in-One printer Drivers for your printer model. Just download it to the device directly and start working. For further query contact us.

WiFi Protected System

HP Wireless Setup

It’s time to leave the traditional way of connectivity  behind and go for Wireless setup. You can also connect using Wireless and USB connection with the help of HP Utility tools and other useful apps.

USB Icon

HP USB Setup

If you want to complete the USB Setup procedure, then you should connect the USB Cable with the HP printer. This will automatically download and install the required drivers.

mobile icon

HP Mobile Printing

Discover Mobile Printing from HP and make wireless printing easy and fast. Now take the privilege of secure mobile printing using your iPhone and Android devices.

Wrench icon

HP Troubleshooting

Witnessing wave of issues or error codes? Get yourself the HP self-diagnostic app to figure out the errors and issue & fix it instantly within seconds.

123 HP Platform Support

Well, majority of the Printer models support – Windows, Mac, Smartphone, and Tablet for all your printing jobs. When it comes to HP, it offers all its users the platform to choose the printer, depending on the operating system you are using. 

HP Platform Support

Why Choose Us?

We are the best when it comes to the procedure for 123.hp.com/setup. Starting from Setting Up your Printer to Software installation, troubleshooting, and Wireless Connectivity, you will get a complete guide for 123 HP Printer Initial Setup. We do it within time and with expertise. That’s the reason we are the most picked HP service, provider.

Prompt Guide

The moment you find any issues with your computer, you can instantly call us for quick advise. Our inhouse support team will take your query and pass them to our technical experts in no moment. Once it reaches our tech team, they will soon come out with proper resolution to your printer problem

Immediate Response

Typical Response

Our clients are the ones we have always cared about. Whenever you face any issue or if you have difficulty understanding the issue, give us a call and we will instantly get back with a fix to your issue or atleast how to resolve the issue within limited time. We value our client’s time and money.


Proficient Assistant

Our technical team of assistant are hand-picked from city’s best IT organizations. And we make sure that any problem you arrive with will be fixed by our experts. Our team follow tactics that are applicable for individual cases. Connect to us to explore more options and help us serve you.

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24 x 7 Service

We make our clients always feel privileged by our 24/ 7 service. Our support team is always there when you need it. Facing printer issues ? Just call us at our desired number to get yourself served from one of the best Hp printer services.

123.hp.com is the powerhouse for every solution to your Printer

HP Printer Issues

There can be several issues related to your Hp printer. The first job is to figure out what is wrong, whether the issue is hardware or software. Once you figure out what the issues are 123.hp.com will help you to Troubleshoot.

Simple Troubleshooting steps to fix

  • Start by restarting your computer, as well as our Printer to refresh the settings.
  • Now check the connections between your computer and printer. 
  • Once it is done, reset the connection.
  • Leave the Printer as it is for a while and it will automatically solve the existing issues.
  • Plug the cables (Cables should be in perfect shape) in the printer.
  • Now complete the wireless printer set-up by the help of 123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com Mobile Printing Setup

Technological Advancement is on the rise and it is continuously being proved. With the evolution of printing, Mobile Printing is the new Class of Printing brought by Hp. Mobile Printing is just the process of sending printing data to a printer wirelessly from a smartphone or a tablet.

123.hp.com Cloud Print Setup

  • It is the most convenient way of printing wirelessly. You can get access to the data through the internet and then print via Google Cloud Print. Before accessing go to ePrint service to collect printer mail address.
  • Once done, sign in to the Google account so that you can print with the help of Android device and even Chromebook      

123.hp.com Air Print Setup

  • Just open the app from which you want to print
  • Go to the app and then share the information you want to print and then Tap on print.
  • Select an AirPrint enabled printer  and put the number of copies you want and it’s done
  • Now just Select Print on the upper-right side.

123.hp.com ePrint Setup

  • First, take access to your printer from ePrint service 
  • Make sure the printer and computer are connected
  • Now compose a mail to the ePrint address of the printer and it will print out once it receives the mail

123.hp.com HP Printer Firmware Update

HP almost regularly rolls out new printer firmware versions which basically guide you for product enhancement and issues fixes. 

Steps for updating your HP printer firmware

  • The first step is to establish a connection to the internet and then turn on your printer.
  • The firmware updates information is basically notified by HP on your registered email address. Just go to your mail and open the link or go to the website and then put your model no and download the available update on your computer.
  • Head to My Computer and locate the printer which you want to upgrade.
  • Once you see it, just make a right-click and select Properties > Porta and copy the IP address.
  • Open a browser in your computer and just paste the IP address in the address bar(Note: The computer and printer is supposed to be on the same network)
  • Now you will be redirected to the Configuration page of the respective printer. Head to the firmware update tab located on the first page. Once done, just select your downloaded file and click on the “Apply” button.

It will just take a minute to send the information to the printer and the printer would take itself another 5 -7 minutes to upgrade. Once it is over, the printer will automatically restart. With the computer updating of new software, printer updates are also crucial to function properly.


123.hp.com Setting up your printer for wireless connectivity

  • Head to the control panel and set up your Hp printer option by selecting the desired Hp printer.
  • Select the network which is one available on.
  • Select the options which are available, and then select the wireless mode.
  • Choose the wireless setup and it’s wizard so that the new settings appear on your display.

123.hp.com HP Cloud Setup

  • Start by turning your computer on and opening the chrome browser on your computer.
  • Signing in is optional and to sign in go to the right-hand corner and click on the mail icon.
  • Now select Settings and then under Settings menu choose “Advanced Option”.
  • Scroll down a little and you will get the Google Cloud print option, now tap on the Manage button.
  • You have to makes sure the printer registration process is complete. Now your printer will check for new device option to navigate.
  • The nest and the last step is important to make sure your printer is connected to the internet and working all well.

123.hp.com HP Printer Paper Jams

Paper jams can occur from the inside of the printer as well as outside, but mostly inside. So just check with a torch or flashlight is there is anything unusual like torn paper or debris of paper.

  • Now first turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord and other cables connected to the printer.
  • If there is any jammed paper just remove it from the respective areas it is stuck in.
  • The next step is to check your carriage access door if there is any paper jam, just remove the clot pulling towards you.
  • Take out all the pieces of paper and move the print carriage.
  • Close the access door subtly and check the paper tray.
  • Now if you want to pull the input tray to check the inside press the button on side of the printer
  • Thoroughly check if there is any paper obstruction anywhere in any corner before you pull out the input tray.
  • Then place the set of papers in the input tray back and do it before you remove the paper jams.
  • Now lower the output tray gently and you are done.