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For better clarification of understanding the importance of certain policies and information about the website, we run hp123-printer-setups.com, it is advisable that you go through the below-mentioned TERMS & CONDITION. The contents of these TERMS & CONDITION clarifies the requirements and the support service for that hp123-printer-setups.com provides. 

In order to keep a professional as well as a trustworthy relationship with our service, one must follow the information about the rights and policies related to the client’s service, carefully. 


This states that the TERMS & CONDITION and the Service Use Policy, along with the plan order that you accept, must come to an agreement. Additionally, the agreement is only between the INR and the user. To use the site  hp123-printer-setups.com to your advantage, which is mentioned below, one must be ready for the agreement. 


The terms that are mentioned in the “Terms & Condition”, comply with SUP (Service Use Policy) as well as “Privacy”. These terms are formed into a legal corporation. 


“Hp123-printer” stands for the mark of hp123-printer Private Limited. The terms and conditions of hp123-printer refer to hp123-printer Private Limited. 


As the name suggests, “YOU” a person, an individual, which is also an employer. This “YOU” is someone that you take actions on behalf of them. 

Hp123-printer-setups.com and Its Services

All the terms and references that are related to the “Services”, are relevant to the service that the website  hp123-printer-setups.com offers. The “Terms & Condition” conduct all legal affairs and take actions based on the plans that the site  hp123-printer-setups.com offers. In case there has been a conflict complying with these terms, the “Terms & Condition” itself will hold any Plan Order that has been submitted by the user. 

Verified Technicians Of hp123-printer-setups.com

The technicians of hp123-printer-setups.com are verified and certified. They are under the obligation to do the relevant things in Services that are included in the Agreement. These verified technicians are strictly from the website itself and not any other third party unless it is mentioned specifically. 

Subscription Plans & Services Plan

All the references related to Subscription Plan and Service Plan” are strictly for the website  hp123-printer-setups.com. Also, whatever services the website offers, come under the Service plan of hp123-printer-setups.com. If there is any doubt or queries to make that is related to the website”s Service plan or policy, then reach us out by just emailing us or you can try using the toll-free number that we’ve provided. 


The “Materials” consists of things such as Datasheets, Download areas, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Information about products, referential guidelines, and white papers. Additionally, it also consists of any relative document that is obtained from  hp123-printer-setups.com. The site holds the copyrights of these things that come under “Materials”. 


This term “Software” states any computer program that can be run by installing. These applications are installed by downloading it from the site, or CDs. These software are provided by the website hp123-printer-setups.com. There are copyrights under the software elements and their laws that prevent it from being used by any other third-party. 

Plan Order Submission & Services Plan

Users can apply for submitting their service plans just by referring to the  hp123-printer-setups.com website. Once the submission of the plan has been approved by the website, the user will get an email from our website to the user”s email that has been registered. Also,hp123-printer-setups.com will not hold itself responsible for any service that is excluded from the terms in “Services’.  Once your plan is approved, you will get the service plan soon enough. 


With relevance to “Services” of hp123-printer-setups.com, users will be offered solutions that are appropriate and asked for, in the queries. Once hp123-printer-setups.com finds and gets the problem, the technicians and the assistants will try solving them by the means of telephonic conversations, emailing or instant messaging (IM). 

According to the website, hp123-printer-setups.com, all services come under the website’s limited warranty. To get more detailed information, refer to the online documents provided by the website. In order to avail of the services, you must pay for the Services fee which is related to the plan. Payment related information are mentioned below.


This states that every payment made for the “service plan” is taken by the website hp123-printer-setups.com solely. Failure in making the payments under the Service plan will result in service being unprovided. 

Money-Back Policy 

The money-back policy states that if the services offered, is not satisfactory to you, then we will take the required effort to meet with your requirements in solutions. Failing that from our side, you will get the money back, according to the money-back policy. Following is the policy stated below:

The money-back-guarantee has a time period for only 30 days from the date of purchase being made. If more than one issue is fixed, then the money-back policy will not be applicable. However, based on the discretion of hp123-printer-setups.com, users must agree after charges are deducted for getting services. 

In case of incidental plans which is a single-time plan, the money-back guarantee will have time period of a week, i.e 7 days prior to the first use of the incident plan. Also, in the case of “Trial Offer”, the same policy is not applicable. 

Privacy Policy

Hp123-printer-setups.com’s Privacy policy is an important aspect of the “Terms & Conditions”. It is highly advisable to give a thorough read to the terms of Privacy Policy before you decide to agree to the “Terms & Conditions”. All the important information about personal credentials and pieces of information are only disclosed to the website hp123-printer-setups.com. This information stays in the database for a certain time period until it gets removed. 

Service Use Policy (SUP)

Being an important aspect of the “Terms and Conditions”, Service Use Policy is incorporated. It is advisable that you go through the relevant terms of SUP before making an agreement. The material and anything of the website hp123-printer-setups.com that the user chooses to use is incorporated by SUP.

Guests: Limited License Use

As per the Plan Order, if there is any fee applicable, then you will get Services once you have made the said payment for it. Under any Service plan, failure of making the payment will result in you not getting the services as per the website Hp123-printer-setups.com. In case of guests, the use of material that is provided below can be used within limits such as:

  1. Making decisions for getting the subscriptions for Services that the Hp123-printer-setups.com provides.
  2. Submission of the Plan Order after registering with the website Hp123-printer-setups.com.

In addition to this, the license that is granted is revocable as well as non-exclusive. 

Limitations For Personal & Non-Commerical Use

The materials and the software that you choose to use from the website, are strictly for your own personal as well as non-commercial use. Materials and software provided by the website are not to be used to modify, copy, distribute, reproduce, sell, license or create from it. These materials and software are only available under the “Service Plan”. 

No Prohibited or Unlawful Use 

Using unfair means of using the Materials and software provided by the hp123-printer-setups.com website is strictly restricted by the Service Use Policy (SUP). You are restricted from disabling, damaging the materials and the software. Also, you are restricted from impairing the servers that are connected to the website hp123-printer-setups.com. 

Any unauthorized or supervised access to the website portal or account is unacceptable and not allowed. Unethical Hacking or mining password of the website is a punishable offense an illegal. 

Other than what is mentioned in the Plan Order, you are not to obtain anything from the materials provided. 

Termination/Suspension of Subscription/Fair Usage Policy

The website provides a sufficient amount of support for users based on their subscription plan. However, if the user is found to be using an excessive amount of support by leveling the usage of the plan, then the website hp123-printer-setups.com holds the right to cancel or terminate the subscription plan or suspend it at any given time. 

This event comes under the “Fair Use” policy-based of hp123-printer-setups.com. Following are the criteria that fall under the termination reasons:

  • Fraudulent Activity/Users
  • Any user other than the subscriber himself/herself.
  • Any system other than the system that is registered. 
  • Termination asked by the user himself/herself providing an eNotice or a written one to RTECHIE. (In that case, the refund is not applicable).

Communication-Based Services

The communication service is applicable to those who subscribe to the Plan Order. Under the communication, these points fall in:

  • Emailing
  • Instant Messaging Service
  • File Cabinets and Calendars
  • Groups, Forums, and Communities
  • Web pages and other modes of communication. 

The purpose of providing various modes of communication is to make discussions and communication easier with the employees of hp123-printer-setups.com. 

Communication Service Use

By availing the communication service, you are only allowed to use it to send and receive messages related to only the materials. However, this comes with limitations that you must follow. Those are mentioned below:

  1. Using chain letters, unsolicited messages or junk emails are not allowed while communicating.
  2. Use of abusive language, cyber-stalking or harassing messages are completely unacceptable, and are punishable offenses. 
  3. The use of inappropriate materials and information or publishing defamatory posts are not allowed. 
  4. Files that consist of images or pictures are under copyright and trademark law. Under no circumstances, you should be uploading them or making them available until you have been provided the right to do so. 
  5. You must not upload virus-related files, worm, Trojan, cancelbots or damaged files that are likely to harm the operation.
  6. Messages related to advertisements or attempting to sell for business purpose is not allowed until the Communication Services have allowed specifically. 
  7. Re-distributing files or reproducing files that have been downloaded by a different user comes under offense.
  8. You are restricted to stop other users from using the communication purpose.
  9. Stalking or keeping information about other users is strictly unacceptable. 
  10. You are not allowed to violate any sort of code that is applicable to the service. 
  11. For the purpose of defaming or misleading the website hp123-printer-setups.com, creating incorrect or false identities is not allowed.
  12. Hp123-printer-setups.com has all the rights to terminate the communication service, to reevaluate the materials and to remove them at any time without notice. 
  13. In case of any legal process or request by the government, hp123-printer-setups.com has the right to disclose any sort of information. Additionally, the rights extend to editing, posting or refusing to post as well as removing. 
  14. The limitations that are mentioned above, are related to the Materials. Before getting the materials, you must go through the limitations first. 

 Creating Links

Under no circumstances should you make hyperlinks on the website hp123-printer-setups.com. Additionally, you must also not post any Materials or Softwares provided. 


It is advisable that you must be agreeing to compensate i.e indemnify, with the right to defend or hold the website hp123-printer-setups.com along with its affiliates, directors, officers, subsidiaries, agents, employees, consultants, licensors, suppliers or service providers.

You are allowed to claim for actions, demands, liabilities, expenses, and damages, where an attorney’s fee is included as a result of any violation. The website has the authority to control or assume the defense in case of any matter that is related to compensation by the user. 

Considering an event to be settled is inapplicable without a written consent letter from the website hp123-printer-setups.com. If there has been a breach in your account by a third person, you must inform hp123-printer-setups.com. Additionally, it is advisable that you keep checking the terms and conditions from time to time in case of any modification. 

Limited License To Use Materials, Softwares and Website

You are to use the posted Materials and Softwares as per the Services provided by the website hp123-printer-setups.com. 

Restrictions (General License)

You are to use the contents of the materials and the software only till the accessible limit as per stated by hp123-printer-setups.com. The rights of selling, copying, distributing or manufacturing the software components are strictly not allowed.

Attempting to re-compile the software is not allowed. 

Responsibility Of User

To get the optimal use of Services, maintain communication with Engineer of hp123-printer-setups.com. You shall get support as much as needed. Additionally, from past experiences, it is to say that issues can be fixed if the communication among you and the Engineer is more clear. 

Pay close attention to the engineer and follow the instructions provided. You should consider the following points to be of true value:

The question regarding the issue can be reproduced based on one central processing unit along with its peripherals. 

You should have basic knowledge of the components of the system such as Software, and hardware and the area related to the issue; that means you can access the software, hardware during a telephonic conversation with the support of hp123-printer-setups.com

Data Or Software Back-Up

You must consider and accept that under no circumstance should the website hp123-printer-setups.com be liable in case of any data loss during the service process. It is strongly advisable that you back up data and enable recovery before performing any service. 

Password and Account Security

Provide the correct and current information during the process of registering as per the requirements of the form, before you submit a Plan Order. At your own responsibility, make username, password and keep the confidentiality of the credentials. You will be liable for any activity in your account. 

In case of breach of security or unauthorized use of your account, you are to inform hp123-printer-setups.com. If there is any misuse or loss of your account used by a third person without your notice, the website hp123-printer-setups.com will not be a liability to it. You are not to use the account of someone else without the account holder’s permission. 

Service Availability (Under Force Majeure Situation)

You must accept that situation that is not in control of hp123-printer-setups.com, such as terrorism, flood, virus outbreak can cause the website to respond late. During such scenarios, you will be released from the agreements as per the hp123-printer-setups.com states. You will not be held responsible.

It is advisable that you restrict the use of services during maintenance time of hp123-printer-setups.com 

Exclusions (Services)

Following are the list of things that are not considered in Services:

  • Activity or item that is not included in the Plan Order.
  • Extra service after the limited time of the Plan Order.
  • Incomplete diagnosis if there is an issue with other components of the computer or settings that is irreversible. 
  • OS or software that is not configurable for the Service Plan. 
  • External problems such as electrical issues, accidents, are not serviceable. 
  • Use of products in such a manner that is not in accordance with the instructions provided. 
  • Issues caused by the use of incompatible components with the product itself
  • Not complying with the engineering support of hp123-printer-setups.com to solve the problem.

Notice-Specific Materials/Softwares

As a part of the service, the website hp123.printer.setups.com will provide the software and materials for use. 

The use of the materials is incorporated by these terms:

  • The end-user agreement which is the “EULA” that the Materials/Softwares are accompanied. 
  • In case there is no EULA, then it is governed by “Terms and Condition’. 

Following are the conditions that the Material/Softwares are downloaded for:

  • The End-user License Agreement (EULA)
  • Plan Order

Any act as reproducing or redistributing the materials without the EULA signed will be in the result of criminal offense followed by penalties. Those who violate will be prosecuted to a great extent. 

Any graphical content, sound, or logo must not be copied from the website hp123-printer-seups.com until given the authority to do so. 

End-User License Agreement (General)

As a part of service, you will get owned software from the website or from its supplier. The website as well the supplier has the authority to make modifications in the software with your co-operation to install the necessary updates. You are to use the contents of the Software only with the compliance of the Service Plan. 

The use of the software is thoroughly in accordance with the Terms and conditions and the license agreement. You must not use the benefits of the software that already has EULA without first doing it yourself by agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

Software (Third-Party)

It is suggestive of the website that in case of third-party software installation, you must use a certain type of it. You will get the license by the owner of the software. Before installing third-party software, you should come in terms of agreement with the license holders. 

You will be liable for any forth-coming circumstance as hp123-printer-setups.com will not have any rights and do not have license software that is third-party.

Your license will be thoroughly active until it’s been terminated by the website or the Service Plan has expired. After the termination notice has been released, you are to restrict any use of the software and must remove it from the operating system immediately. 

If you comply with the terms and conditions, you will be given maximum support from our side on assisting you with third-party software after you get the license. We do not make warranties that our service providers are authorized. You are responsible to understand the rights you seek and the services you want.

You must understand and accept that the use of third-party software may be from an unauthorized service provider. And that might affect the warranty that the third-party software provider gives. 

Third-Party Agreements

As per the Service Plan, you will be given suggestions on the third-party service providers. If you decide to use the contents of the third-party software then the terms of service are in accordance with the third-party software. You must be aware that third-party software is responsible for service delivery.