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hp123-printer-setups.com Policies Discussed in Detail


hp123-printer-setups.com has the website hp123-printer-setups.com. It is clear to the users that the owner of this website secretly maintains all of its client’s personal information at the time of payment processes and performs interacting sections with them too. 

hp123-printer-setups.com protects each and every data of its users who visit this website on a daily basis. This website also creates a comfortable environment for its visitors those who stay here for a longer period of time. Users might need some data in order to create an account, with our website services like name, age, address, e-mail id, gender, date of birth and so on. Some information like IP addresses, access time, language, country name and many more will be saved automatically. 

Privacy Policy

All the gathered information is maintained with intensive care. The owner of this website always keeps a keen observation about the misuse of visitor’s private information. We will keep your data safe when you create an account to avail of our remote assistance facility. 

Privacy Policy

During the troubleshooting process, all the collected data (system model number, printer model number, firewall information, age of system and printer, internet connection type, Operating System in your PC and so on) will not show up to any third-party for marketing purposes, promotional usage or any other intensions. All the information will stay safe between the client and the owner of hp123-printer-setups.com.

During the payment process, you have to provide debit/credit card details, or you can also use any other alternative payment methods. This kind of data remains securely in our website database until the user deletes the data. If you work in unstable and unsecured internet connection and face interference from unauthorized users, payment failure, redirection of payment to the wrong direction, we will not take any responsibility, you need to pay at your own risk. 

Hp123-printer-setups.com might change its website policy very often for the accommodation of its clients and the owners. Cookies are used for saving the collected information. The process of saving all the information is done especially focusing on the user’s benefits and not for any selfish purposes. In case, if you don’t want these cookies, just block them. 

When our visitors, as well as customers, visits our website, their technical information like IP address, browser type, time and date of request, info about visiting the previous website, etc.are saved automatically. It happens because your information and browsing journey help us to advertise our site. If you want to get these data saved, just close the website anytime you want. We also maintain total secrecy of your login name, passwords, browser history of the pages that you have visited and so on. This helps you to personalize our site for your own convenience.