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Here we will discuss 123.hp.com/ojv40 setup in a very easy and efficient way. We will also discuss 123 HP Officejet v40 printer setup, 123 HP Officejet v40 wireless setup, 123 HP Officejet v40 driver download and so on. 

  • 123 HP Officejet v40 Initial Printer Setup
  • 123 HP Officejet v40 Driver Installation
  • 123 HP Officejet v40 Wireless Setup
  • 123 HP Officejet v40 Wireless Mobile Printing
  • 123 HP Officejet v40 Troubleshooting 

We have our excellent and skilled technicians, who will help you in solving all the issues regarding the 123 HP Officejet v40 printer.

123 HP Officejet v40 Initial Printer Setup

The initial setup procedures are as follows.  

  • Remove all the packing materials, plastic tapes and unwrap the printer by removing the cardboard box. Carefully bring out the device and place it on a smooth and flat surface very carefully. 
  • Along with, unwrap all the printer peripherals and you must check whether they are in proper order. You can put all the packing materials for recycling. 
  • Plugin one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the electricity socket. Now turn on the printer by pressing the power button. 
  • Set the date, time and language of the printer. Pull out the paper tray and take a medium bunch of plain and white A4 paper stack. Place them in the tray and adjust the width slider.
  • Slide the tray down and make sure that the paper touches the input tray. Once you have done it, the machine will automatically print a test page. 
  • Unwrap the ink cartridges which came with your printing device. Switch off the device and place them to their respective cartridge slots. The turn on the printing device and print a test page.

The initial setup is complete with all the necessary procedures.

123 HP Officejet v40 Driver Installation

We will discuss the driver installation process for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Carefully follow all the instructions given below.

123 HP Officejet v40 Driver Installation for Windows

The driver installation procedures for Windows are mentioned below.

  • Open the default browser (Internet Explorer, Edge) and type the address of the HP downloads page in the browser’s address bar and hit “Enter”. 
  • After reaching the downloads page, apply your printer’s model number and OS version. Then press the “Enter” key and you will see the list of the driver set up files. 
  • Download all the files one by one, the .exe files will automatically choose the destination to your computer’s “Downloads” folder.
  • Install them and your PC might restart during this process. Let your system do its own job in order to save changes. 

Hopefully, the configuration is now complete. 

123 HP Officejet v40 Driver Installation for Macintosh OS

The driver download procedure for the Macintosh operating system is more or less the same. In this OS, the default browser is Safari and the setup file format is dmg. You have to open this web browser and follow the entire process which is given in the Windows section.

123 HP Officejet v40 Wireless Setup

Steps to setup 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer Wirelessly

The steps to set up your printing device are as follows. Carefully follow all the instructions given below. 

  • Make sure that the printer and the router has a WPS push button and they are both turned on. Go to the “Control Panel” and tap of “Settings” option.
  • Now navigate to the “Wireless Setup Wizard”. Choose your desired network connection and press “OK”. 
  • Now the printer will prompt you to enter the network password. Apply it and wait for a few moments until the device connects to the wireless network. 

The setup is now complete and your printer is now ready to print wirelessly.

Activate 123 HP Officejet v40 Web Services

You can activate the web service with the help of the printer’s Control Panel. On the Control Panel, you will find the “Settings” option. Now, check out for the “Web Services” and tap on “OK”. once you have activated the web services, the printer will print a test page.

Remove Web Services from 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer 

As you have learned the process of setting up web service in the 123 HP Officejet v40 printer, you can also remove it whenever you want. To remove the web services, just look at the “Control Panel” and click on “Web Services”. Then search for “Disable” or “Remove” option. After finding it, just tap on it and the service will disable itself automatically. 

Enable Auto Wireless connection in 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer

This section will teach you how to enable the auto wireless connection feature. The steps are mentioned below.  

  • Make sure that the auto-connect driver is already installed in your system. If not, then install it by the process which is already given in the driver download section.
  • Now select the network connection type from the printer’s “Control Panel” and click on “OK”. Now follow the on-screen instructions which will appear in front of you.

We hope that the Wireless connection is now enabled. 

Activate WiFi Direct in 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer

WiFi Direct allows you to print wirelessly from your mobile device to the printer. To enable it, make sure that your network connection is stable and active. Go to your printer’s “Control Panel” and click on the “WiFi Direct” option. Now select the settings. 

From there you can turn on the WiFi Direct feature. After the successful activation, you can connect up to 5 devices and print any sort of files.

123 HP Officejet v40 Wireless Mobile Printing

HP allows its users to print directly from mobile and tablet devices. The details steps of mobile printing are written below. 

Print with Airprint Setup

Airprint is only designed for Apple users. All the iOS and Macintosh users are eligible to print with the help of this application.

  • Remove the USB cable from the printing device and make sure that your printer is compatible with the Airprint application. 
  • Click on the “System Preferences” window and select the “Airprint” option. Now click on the Use menu and then add your printer to the printer queue.
  • In the iOS platform, you don’t have to add any printers, just select the files that you want to print and tap on the “Print” option. Then open the AirPrint and select your device.
  • After the successful connection tap on the “Print” option and the device will start printing your selected photos. 

Now you shall print your items with the help of the Airprint application.

Setup and Print via ePrint

ePrint is a cloud-based service for HP printers. It needs a stable internet connection which helps the users to print from any time and anywhere. 

  • Turn on the router, printer, and system and apply the username and password in your printing device. 
  • If any USB wire or Ethernet cable is attached to the printer, disconnect it. Check whether the ePrint driver is installed in your system. If not, then install it with the help of the steps given above. 
  • Now tap on the “ePrint” option on your printer’s “Control Panel” and click on “Yes”.
  • Now carefully follow the on-screen instructions to do the remaining processes.

Print with Mopria Print Setup

Mopria print is designed for Android mobile phones and tablets. You must have Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher than that. Just download the application from Google Playstore, open it and select your desired printer. Now select the files that you want to print and choose the name of your printing device. Tap on “Print” and the device will print all of your selected media.

Print with Google Cloud Print 

Google Cloud Print is a service that connects your printing machine with web services. As we have already learned how to set up Web Services, it will be possible for us to print any of your documents from anywhere in the world.  

A stable connection is a mandatory item to avail of this service. Just register your printer’s e-mail id to Google Cloud Print and send all your files to that particular e-mail id. The printer will print all the files accordingly.

123 HP Officejet Pro v40 Platform Support

HP Officejet Pro v40 printer can be connected to Windows computer and Mac computer. 123.hp.com/setup v40 printer can also be accessed from mobile devices to print.

123 HP Officejet v40 Troubleshooting

Fix Wireless Connection in 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer 

If you face any network issues, then you must resolve it at the earliest. Just remove the Wireless driver from your system by clicking on “Uninstall or change a program”. Restart your computer and reinstall the driver once again. Then follow the entire network setup procedure which is mentioned above. These steps are for Windows operating system.

 The exact same process, you can also apply for the Macintosh platform. If somehow the printer icon is invisible then, go the “System Preferences” and select the “Printer” option, now click on “My Devices” and select your printer name. If it is not listed, then click on “Add Device” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Resolve Network Installation Problem in 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer 

To resolve this problem, you just need to follow these steps given below.

  • Turn off your router, printer, and computer and switch them on again after some time. Now check all the damaged files with the help of a System file checker (SFC). 
  • After successful repair operation, download and install HP Scan Doctor and the software will automatically repair all the damaged files.
  • Once again restart your system to save the changes.

Check and Fix Poor Quality Printing in 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer 

When you see the printer is printing poor quality output, then there must be certain problems in the ink cartridges. The processes to fix this problem are as follows.  

  • Make sure that you are using genuine HP branded ink cartridges. Now check the quality of paper, if you feel the quality is not good, try to use smooth and plain quality paper.
  • If your cartridge is below its ink level, replace it with a new one immediately. 
  • Now, check the toner cartridge whether it is faulty or not. If it is so, then clean it with a thin piece of cloth very carefully

Fix ink Cartridges Issues of 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer

If any problems occur in your printer’s ink cartridges, the best option is to replace it with a new one. But before that check the level of ink. If the level is low, then you should replace it, if the level is full, then open the cartridge and try to follow the cleaning methods given above. Then reinsert the cartridge very carefully. 

Rectify Printhead Problem in 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer

If you face this problem, then follow the technical steps which are given below. 

  • Turn on the printer and make sure that the device is in its steady state. Now lift up the ink cartridge access door and remove the ink cartridge very carefully. 
  • Now lift up and hold the latch handle to bring out the Print head. Clean the print head and all the electrical contacts very carefully with a thin piece of cloth. 
  • After that insert the cartridges and close the access door. 

We hope that you will be able to solve the printer’s print head issue.

Fix Paper Jam Issue in 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer

To fix the paper jam issue, you have to follow the steps which are written below. 

  • Remove all the papers from the input as well as output paper tray. Switch off your printer, disconnect the USB cable from your printer and computer. 
  • Unplug the power cable from the electric socket and open the rear access door. Check for any jammed papers, now close the door
  • After that, turn on your printer and make sure that the cartridge can move flawlessly across the whole printer. 
  • Check the rollers and clean them with a lint-free cloth and simple rubbing alcohol. Then, finally, load papers in the input tray and never overfill the tray with a lot of papers.
  • Now adjust the paper width and print a sample document to ensure that everything is working correctly. 

Fix Mobile Printing for 123 HP Officejet v40 Printer 

If you face any problems regarding mobile printing, just uninstall the HP applications from your mobile phone or tablets (for Android and iOS) and reinstall them again. When it still does not work, then reset the settings of your phone or tablet. in case the problem still persists, then perform a master reset and hopefully, you will be able to overcome the problem.

 Tips: Always use original, and genuine HP printer peripherals. You must use smooth, plain and good quality white sheets for printing. Low-quality papers will result in more amount of paper jams. When you will perform the cleaning operation of your printer, always be careful and do it under expert guidance. Get the alcohol from a medical store and use it while cleaning the printer rollers. Always apply a little amount in the cloth and clean them. Handle the printing head cleaning operation very carefully as the items are very delicate. You can accidentally damage them which might cost you a lot of money to repair it.