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You will get all the assistance and support for the 123.hp.com/ljpro M427FDW printer. Moreover, you will also get help from us regarding 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW primary setup, 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW driver download, 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW driver installation and 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW wireless setup methods.

  • Primary Setup of HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW Printer
  • Driver Installation of HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW Printer 
  • HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW Wireless Setup 
  • HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW Mobile Printing Solutions

Our technical experts will help you to solve any HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer problems with ease.

Primary Setup of HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW Printer

The basic setup methods of your 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer instructions are here as follows.

  • Select a safe place to keep your printing device which must be dust-free, contain a ventilator set up and far from sunlight. The temperature must be between 17.5 degrees centigrade to 25 degrees centigrade. You must also keep an eye on the humidity level range which must stay between 30% to 70 %.
  • You must also allow a little bit more space for opening the paper trays and printer cartridge access doors. 
  • The 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer is quite heavy and we recommend you to take someone’s help to place the printer out from the box. 
  • Now take out the device from the box and remove all the plastic wrapping materials. HP always recommends that you must recycle all the materials. 
  • Pull out the paper tray and lift it a little bit gently to bring it out from the device. Insert papers and adjust their width with the help of the paper slider.
  • Now push the paper tray inside the printer and close it. After that, untie the power cord and plug it’s one side in the printer’s AC power outlet and the other side to the power source. To prevent any damage to the printer, always use the exact power cable which you got with your printer device.
  • Turn on the printer and wait for a few seconds as the device setup itself. Go to the device Control Panel and set the preferences like date and time, language, time zone and many others.
  • To avoid any sort of hardware and software problems in the future, you must update the firmware after connecting the printer to a wired or wireless network.

Driver Installation of HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW Printer

Drivers software helps you to use the printer’s top-notch features. To install the driver software for Windows and Macintosh operating system, follow the instructions which are given below.

Download and Install Drivers for Windows

If you use a Windows operating system, then you need to follow all the instructions which are present below. 

You can download the drivers from 123.hp.com. 

  • Go to the particular website and select “Printer” from the drop-down list present there. Then, select the “HP Laser Printers” option and click on the “Start” option. 
  • When a pop-up window displays on the screen, click on the “Download” button and the download will start automatically.

You can also go to the product support page and download the drivers from there. 

  • Visit the official HP support page and apply for your printer model number, then click on the “Go” button and it will automatically redirect you to the downloads page.
  • Now, go to the “Software and Driver Downloads” menu and select your printer from there.
  • Choose your desired language from the drop-down menu and choose the operating system that you are using. 
  • After applying the operating system name, a list of compatible drivers will appear. Select each one of them and download one by one. 

As the download process is over, now you have to install the drivers one by one. 

  • Select the driver that you want to install and double click on it. In case, if you want to customize your installation of software, then click on “Customize Software Selection”. 
  • When the process is complete, click on the “Next” option. If you want to access some additional support and tools, then return back to the selection window.

Download and Install Drivers for Macintosh 

To download and install the driver for the Macintosh operating system you need to follow some instructions which are given below. 

  • Visit the 123.hp.com/laserjet webpage and you will see the support page will open. In the search space, type your printer model number along with the Mac OS version that you are using. 
  • Press the “Go” button and it will take you to the downloads page. You will see that the necessary drivers. Make sure that the drivers are in .dmg format. Download and install them one by one. 

You can also install the drivers for your Macintosh operating system with the help of wired and wireless networks as well.

HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW Wireless Setup

The wireless setup of the HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer is here as follows including the setup process in Windows as well as in Macintosh operating system.

Wireless Setup for Windows

To set up your wireless network in the printer follow the instructions given below.

  • Gather the network name which is known as SSID (Service Set Identifier) and the network password as well. 
  • A computer with which you have to connect your printer. Make sure that your computer, printer is connected to the same wireless network. 
  • Then turn on the printer and it will be better if you place it near your computer and within the range of the router as well.
  • Disconnect all the wired connections from the printer. 
  • Go to the printer Control Panel and tap on the “Wireless Setup Wizard”, then touch on the name of the network to which you want to connect. After that, follow the instruction on the printer Control Panel to the wireless network. 
  • Now, visit the download page and apply all of your printer’s credentials and then click on the “Submit” button. 
  • In case if you want to change the operating system, click on the “Change” option and select the OS version that you are using. 
  • Under the driver section, make sure that all the necessary drivers are present in mainly two sections, which are basic package and full package drivers. We recommend you to download the full package drivers. 

Wireless Setup for Macintosh

In order to set up the wireless network for the Macintosh operating system just follow the steps that are given below.

  • Before setting up, you need to gather some of the following components like the wireless network name and its password. You also need a computer and make sure that the printer and the computer are active in the same wireless network. 
  • Disconnect all the USB and Ethernet wires from the printer and proceed towards the printer’s Control Panel.
  • Tap on the “Wireless Setup Wizard” button and the printer device will search for the available networks. Select the name of the network and follow the instructions on looking at the Control Panel. 
  • Now initialize the Apple software update on your Macintosh computer and check for driver updates. You can also download the drivers one at a time by selecting the Apple menu and then on the Software Update. 
  • After that, click on the “Update all” or “Install Updates” to start the OS update process. 

HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW Mobile Printing Solutions

HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer supports mobile printing facilities. You can print from your smartphone or tablet via the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer. But before that, you must know all the details about the platforms of mobile printing solutions. They are as follows.


The ePrint doesn’t work with the USB cable if you connect it to the printer. Before establishing the ePrint feature, make sure that your printer supports ePrint feature. To use the ePrint mobile printing feature, first, you need to install and activate the Web Services in the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer. 

You need to gather your printing jobs and send it to the printer’s email id, on receiving the job your printer will print the files one by one accordingly. To find out the email id of your printer, print a configuration page. The page contains all the customization codes as well as your printer’s email id. 


Airprint is Apple’s official mobile printing service. It allows you to print your documents, emails, photos and other files from iPhone, iPad, and iPod (touch) as well. Firstly, you need to verify that the printer supports Airprint application. Then, get your pinter in its ready state and connect the device via any wireless network or USB cable. Now, follow the instructions below to proceed.

  • Click on the Apple menu and choose the “System Preferences”. 
  • Then, open “Printers and Scanners”, if your printer is in the ready state then select the name of your printer and click on the minus sign (-) to remove the printer icon. 
  • Once again, press the plus sign (+) to add the printer from the bottom of the left pane of the list present there. 
  • In the “Use” blank box section, select the Airprint or Secure Airprint.
  • Click on the “Add” and if any message prompts you while installing the software, select the install option and follow the instructions present on the screen to complete the installation task. 


ePrint feature is present in the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer which allows you to print documents, photos, etc via email. You don’t have to install any driver or application to avail of this feature. The following steps will teach you how to set up and use the ePrint feature.

  • Connect your 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer, and computer to the wireless network, make sure that both the device is connected to the same network.
  •  Any of these Email programs like outlook 2013, 2010, 20017 and 2003, Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc must be active in your system.
  • Now, you must enable the Web services in the printer and print a test page to claim the device code. 
  • Register your 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer to the “HP Connected” webpage so that you can get the unique email address. You can also print a configuration page where you will get all the details including the email address of the device. 
  •  Accept the cookies to continue further. You can also adjust the Cookie Preferences in the “Cookie Settings”.
  • Now, type the claim code that you have got from the information page and select the “Add” option.
  • An email will generate by the printer itself and you can see it on the printer display.
  • Note down the address somewhere safe so that you can use it later for sending your printing jobs to your 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer. 

Cloud Print 

Google Cloud Print is a freeware mobile printing service by which you can print your files with the help of the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M427FDW printer from anywhere in this world. You don’t have to install any software to avail of this service. The following steps will show you how to set up the Google Cloud Print feature.

  • First of all, you need a computer in which Windows, Macintosh, Linux or Chromebook must be installed. 
  • Now, open the Google Chrome browser and sign in to your Google account. 
  • Go to the Google Cloud Print and then select your printer from the list of printers present there. Click on the “Share” option.
  • In the “Sharing Settings” dialog box, the name the person or email address will display to whom you want to share your printer. Again, click on the “Share” button.
  • The Google Cloud Print sends an email to the other printer user. After the person accepts the offer, the printer will show an option of the other user in the device display. 
  • Now you both can print via Google Cloud Print without any glitch. You can also print from the Google Drive, Microsoft Ondrive, iCloud, and other cloud storage units.