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HP LaserJet P2035

HP Laserjet P2035 allows you to work with excellent quality of printing, scanning and faxing which is very much suitable for home and office use. All the 123.hp.com/lj P2035 printer functions work with affordable prints, good quality ink cartridges, fast scan mechanism and much more. 

  • 123 HP Laserjet p2035 Printer Setup for the First time
  • 123 HP Laserjet p2035 Installation of Software
  • 123 HP Laserjet p2035 Wireless Setup
  • 123 HP Laserjet p2035 Wireless Protected Setup
  • 123 HP Laserjet p2035 Feature Setup
  • 123 HP Laserjet p2035 USB Setup
  • 123 HP Laserjet p2035 Troubleshooting

Our skilled technicians will help you to fix all the issues regarding your 123 HP Laserjet p2035 printer.

123 HP Laserjet P2035 Printer Setup for the First time

The primary setup for your HP Laserjet P2035 printer for the first time is now as follows.

  • Place your printer box on a smooth and flat surface and bring out the 123 HP Laserjet p2035 printer device from the box by peeling off all the plastic coverings and tapes. 
  • Now check out all the peripherals whether they are in the correct order and connect the power supply to the printer with the help of the power cord. 
  • After that, set the system preferences and make sure that you are receiving enough power to lit up and function your printer.
  • Now heads up towards the cartridge section and open the ink cartridge access door. Unpeel the ink cartridges by pulling off the orange color tabs on your printer and open the plastic wrappings. 
  • After that, insert the cartridges to their respective slots and close the access door. 
  • If you face any sort of problems in performing this operation, you might take the help of a technical expert. 

123 HP Laserjet P2035 Installation of Software

The 123 HP Laserjet p2035 printer drivers software is readily available on 123.hp.com/lj P2035 webpage. Before that, check the compatibility of the drivers and then download and install them. The steps to download and install driver software in Windows and Macintosh are as follows.

123 HP Laserjet p2035 Drivers for Windows Operating System

To install the drivers of your HP Laserjet P2035 printer, just follow the instructions which are given below. 

  • Installing all the drivers will help you to enjoy the interactive and eminent features of your printer device. 
  • Open the packet which contains the driver disc that you got along with the printer and insert it in the CD or DVD drive of your Windows computer. You can also download all the drivers from the support.hp.com/driver webpage. 
  • Connect your computer to a stable internet connection and go to the site which is given in the previous point.
  • Verify and check the compatibility of the driver software and download all the necessary files. After the download process, you will find the files in the default download location, which is the “Downloads”. Double-click on them and install the software.
  • In between the installation process, your system might restart and ask you to attach a USB cable. 
  • By following the instructions on the screen, connect a USB cable to your printer as well as the computer and again follow all the on-screen instructions.
  • Now go to the “Control Panel” of your computer and choose the “Device and Printer” option for your printer. If the option is set by the computer itself, then it will be the default option. 
  • You can also update your Windows operating system to download or update your printer drivers all at a time. 
  • Lastly, choose the type of connection and printing quality as destinated by the driver installer to enjoy better quality printing. 

123 HP Laserjet p2035 Drivers for Macintosh Operating System

All the steps that you need to follow for downloading and installing drivers in the Macintosh operating system are now as follows.

  • First, you need to check the compatibility of your drivers compared with the operating system. To download the drivers all in one at a time, you need to update your Mac OS when it necessary. 
  • Arrange an active internet connection and connect the printer as well as your Mac computer in the same network. Check that you met all the requirements which are necessary for downloading and installing all the drivers before starting the entire process.
  • Visit the official website of your printer and enter your printer model number along with the operating system platform. 
  • If you have any USB cables attached to your printer device, remove it and follow the instructions on the display to complete the installation successfully. 
  • Download all the files carefully and make sure that no driver executable file download is incomplete. During the process of installation, observe the installer carefully to finish the task. 
  • Now, select the mode of connection from the list of miscellaneous options present there. After the completion of the entire process, print a test page to ensure that all the process is done correctly. 

123 HP Laserjet P2035 Wireless Setup

Setting up your 123 HP Laserjet p2035 printer to a wireless network will make your printing and scanning task much easier. It increases your printing output amount to the higher from different respective places. All the platforms of wireless printing setup procedures are given below. 

Airprint Setup

A mobile printing technology which exclusively designed for Apple devices. You can print your files from iPhone, iPad, and iPod (Touch). The most salient factor of this printing application is that Airprint uses the direct wireless feature to transfer data much faster within the mobile devices. Go through our expert notes which will help you to setup Airprint in your printing device. Before that, arrange all the requirements and then begin the process.

ePrint Setup

ePrint holds the fabulous method to print any of your documents from the printer with the help of your printer device’s dedicated email address. You might think that how it is possible, yes you need to email your printing jobs from anywhere in the world with the help of a stable internet connection. The device will receive your job and print your files one by one. If you need any other help, you can take help from our experts who will advise you regarding ePrint for 123 HP Printer Devices.

CloudPrint Setup

Cloud Print service comes directly from Google which is an astounding printing platform. It connects to your 123.hp.com/setup p2035 printer to the Google Cloud Print server and allows you to print via the Google Chrome browser. Create a Google Account and sign in to Chrome and register your printing device. Then follow the instruction and complete the process to enjoy the ePrint service. 

123 HP Laserjet P2035 Wireless Protected Setup

Wireless or WPS procedure is the method of connecting your printer device to a WiFi router for a protected wireless network. Make yourself completely sure that the printer is correctly compatible to connect to a wireless network. There are two types of WPS methods by which you can connect your device, they are the Push method and PIN method. 

Wireless Setup for Windows

You need to follow the instructions carefully to set up the wireless network in the Windows OS environment. 

  • Open your computer and gather the required network id and passphrases which you will need in the setup process. 
  • Now you need to turn on your printer and router and check whether the printer device is connected correctly or not. 
  • Connect the printer device to the router and go to the “Wireless Settings” which is present in the printer Control Panel. 
  • Go to the “Wireless Settings” option and make necessary changes according to your choice. After that, select the particular network name to which you want to connect to and tap on “OK”.
  • Now download all the suitable drivers and select “Wireless Connection” from the connection mode.

Wireless Setup for Macintosh

The following steps will teach you how to set up a wireless network in the Macintosh operating system. 

  • Select the “Wireless Network” from the printer Control Panel which consists of various types of components regarding the wireless network.
  • On your 123 HP Laserjet p2035 printer’s Control Panel, select the “Wireless” option and then tap on “Settings”.
  • After entering the “Wireless” settings, select the “Wireless Setup Wizard” and complete the steps by following the on-display instructions
  • Now, download and install the printer driver software and connect the 123.hp.com/lj P2035 printer to the wireless network. The drivers will boost your printer’s ability to perform spectacularly without creating any hectics.
  • Be careful during the printer installation process and resist any type of abnormal functions that may lead to incomplete or corrupted installation. After the entire process is complete bring out a test page to ensure the completion of the entire task.

123 HP Laserjet P2035 Feature Setup

HP Laserjet P2035 printer offers you many types of offers like faster printing, faster duplex printing which will guarantee you a fantastic printing quality. You will also receive many other interesting features when you will set up your printer. The wireless and other features come in handy and make that particular function much more effective than others. 

Print Document

The printing of a document is one of the most simple tasks that you will ever come across. Setup your printer by following the initial setup methods which are given in the first section above. You can also take help from our expert department in case you face any issues. 

  • Use all the features of your printing device to print documents, photos, and other files in superb quality.
  • Install all the printer software correctly and carry out lofty quality documents and photos with the help of the HP Laserjet P2035 printer device

Copy Document

The simple process for copying documents in the HP Laserjet P2035 printer is here as follows.

  • Face the document to the scanner glass and close the lid. Make sure that the display clients of your printer are active and boosted with the help of the memory sticks which will save the printing tasks.
  • Select the “Double-sided” feature for copying and choose the mobility functions to “Automatic Document Feeder” for printing more than one copy. 

123 HP Laserjet P2035 USB Setup

The USB setup is simple and effective connectivity which also helps you to print your documents and also to install driver software. The USB setup procedures are given below. 

  • Open your computer and the printer device to start up the procedure. Untie the USB cable which came along with your printer. If you see that the cable is already plugged-in to your printer device, unplug it.
  • Download the correct drivers which will work perfectly on your system. Before that, you can run a compatibility test.
  • Now install the drivers to your system and then plug-in your USB cable to the printer.
  • Turn over to the installation instructions which are present on the display and finish the installation task manually.
  • After plugging in the USB cable, the installer will prompt for the desired connection. Complete the prompt message task and choose the type of connection that you want to connect to.
  • As the entire task is over, print a test page by selecting the “Print” option.

123 HP Laserjet P2035 Troubleshooting

As your HP Laserjet P2035 printer including all the other computer peripherals and components falls under the category of electronic device, it will face problems in no time. When your device faces any kind of problem, you must troubleshoot it at the earliest. The technical guides to troubleshooting your HP Laserjet P2035 printer is given below. 

HP Laserjet P2035 Printer is Offline

The step by step guide to troubleshoot the offline issue of the HP Laserjet P2035 printer is as follows.

  • Turn off your printer and let the device rest for a short span of time. You might also power reset your printer if you want.
  • Unplug all the power sources from the printer when it is on and once again plug in to supply the power to the device.
  • Reset the settings of your 123.hp.com/setup p2035 printer and make sure that all the devices active to your print are deleted and the device is set to default. 
  • You will see the grey color boxes when you will proceed to access the functions of your printer, this actually states that your printer is facing an offline error. Now, right-click on the printer and select the printer options.
  • Check the settings of your computer firewall and if it is off, then turn it on as this feature might be resisting your printer to stay online and hampering the connection to the computer. 

HP Laserjet P2035 Printer Not Found During Installation

To sort out the problem of your printer unavailable during the time of the installation process, just follow the instructions which are given below. 

  • When you face this issue, then turn off your printer and cut off the power supply. Then, check all the cables and observe whether there are any defective portions in it. 
  • If there are, rectify the defective portions or replace the defective cable with a new one. Check all the applications which are in your computer and after that, power up your computer. 
  • Uninstall the printer software from your system and reinstall it once again. Make sure that you have done the installation correctly. Also, ensure that the drivers that you download are correctly compatible with the particular operating system that you are using. 
  • Make the necessary choices in your printer with the help of its Control Panel in case of temperamental issues.
  • Carefully follow the tips and guides that are given above. If you face additional problems, you can contact us at our helpline number which is given aside.